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Monday, September 27, 2010


It seems that my departure date will be a month earlier that I planned. Suddenly all of the things I have been thinking have now become action items.  I have been remiss on seriously learning  a new language. Now I will be scheduling study time into each day. Well, maybe week ends off? And all the items to take that I have been listing in my head and putting on sticky notes are now things to procure and pack. As to packing, I have to make piles by priority and weigh them, both physically  and by how essential they really are. Top of the list is meds. (the older you get, the more meds. you have!) Next is insect repellent. Somehow, personal skin care items just do not seem as important. This is not the time to be concerned about wrinkle cream. Sun screen, Yes!
Today is the day to arrange for necessary immunizations and medical checkups. I will also be ordering an extra pair of eye glasses, just in case.

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