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Thursday, March 31, 2011

more research...

I have been home for over a month now, and working even harder. Only now, instead of hiking through the rainforest and visiting communities via canoe, I spend most days at the computer writing. Sometimes I research something on the internet, such as details about a fruit or animal from the rainforest. Sometimes I have a question that Vanessa or Jessica are able to answer for me, some detail about an experience at Kapawi. It took me aver a week to feel like myself after returning home. I needed rest and my digestive track had a lot of adjusting to do. I sure was happy to have access to sandwhiches,cereal, ice cream and salad! It is so good to be home. I missed my family, friends and and dogs! Now that I am here, I miss my friends in Kapaw! The Achuar are wonderful people and what an honor to have spent 7 weeks with them. The writing is challenging, but very exciting. As I put my field notes into chapters, what I learned and experienced is all coming together. I am doing presentations on the Achuar to various organizations in Yuma. This has pushed me to organize my photos.

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