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Friday, February 25, 2011


It had to end sometime! I traveled by canoe to the airstrip in Wachirpas for the flight over the jungle. Fortunately we were not weighed on this end of the travel. The return flight cargo to was empty fuel containers Flying in we were loaded with fuel for the generators and outboard motors, as well as food and other supplies for the lodge. I carried my fragile purchases in my backpack situated on my lap. We did not have any room to spare. There were 8 of us and the pilot. I do not know how the two in the last row managed, it was a haul to get up into the plane and avery tight fit. We consisted of a couple from Canada, a couple from France, a couple from ME and a fellow from MN. We had a good flight and were able to see communities in clearings in the jungle. After a pit stop at the Quito office, we boarded a van for a long drive into Quito. We stopped for fuel and I purchased a freshly made cheese sandwhich for 70 cents! Here we had a clear view of Cotopaxi, truly amazing. The clouds cleared away and we could see the snow covered top! Arrival at Quito was around 8 p.m. After getting checked in, I was ready for a hot bath and room service. I left for the airport the next morning. It took almost a1 1/2 hours to go through immigration and customs. There were no problems, it took that long to wait in line, collect by suitcase and take it to the other end of the airport for clearance and checking it back in. It was wonderful toland in Phoenix and have Bill waiting there with a smile and a rose in hand. The next phase of this project is to complete the manuscript. That I am working on!

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