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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Travel to Kapawi...

After a 6:45 pick up at the hotel, I boarded a bus at the Kapawi Headquarters. We picked up guests heading to Kapawi Lodge and the English teacher, then Picked up Pedro outside of Quito along the roadway. He could have been a hitchhicker! Cell phones are a great way to coordinate logistics. Since we were traveling overland, we had the extra treat of spotting many mountains along the Corriadoro. I was excited by the first sighting of the Pastaza river. The Kapawi staff were wonderful and knowledgable... and worked very hard a getting a good photo of the river for me! After leaving the mountain terrain, we passed through the National park. Onward on into Banos we passes through the transition zone into the jungle. Through Mera, then a stop at Shell. A plane was ready for part of the guests. Everything going via air had to be weighed. The supplies of eggs and rice, fuel, baggage, and even us! We waited at the Shell office, then traveled on to Puyo for lunch at a garden resturant. In addition to delicious food, there were numerous tropical plants. It was was raining and we had to wait for our flight, but it did not matter. We had a lot of time to enjoy the garden and used up a lot of media memory.  This post is days late, things are pretty busy at Kapawi Ecolodge. I have been gathering information by taking treks along the river and in the rainforest. Tonight I verified my medicinal plant information from earlier today. I did not catch any fish on our trek, but learned how it was supposed to be done. The group catch was 4, 3 "keepers".

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