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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching up

Here it is, day 7 already! I have been meeting so many people and asking a lot of questions. So far I have a lot of data that I am transferring to the computer and backing up! The flight to Kapawi was delayed due to rain, so we had a wonderful lunch in Puyo. Beautiful orchids and birds. Food was good too. As we were arriving, just ready to disembark, the clouds opened up with a big rain shower. A man was at the Dock in a canoe with his sons and two very large fish they had caught. That would be supper! After getting settled in, Vanessa, Pedro and I were able to get in a boat trip to see Caiman and night birds. We were lucky to see 2 big caiman and a Potoo Bird. Day 2 at the lodge was busy with a trip to a community to introduce the project and us. I will return there with an interpreter to spend 2 days in the community. They were very receptive and welcoming. The children had a pet monkey (no, I resisted petting it) but did hold the Kinkajau. Too cute to resist!  The following day we visited two communities. One, to again introduce ourselves and the project, and the second, to leave Vanissa for 6 weeks to teach English. She is the first foreigner to live with them, the first teacher. After the community meeting, they treated us to a wonderful celebration, with music and dancing. Nice conversation and hospitality. Pedro and I will go to visit her in a few weeks. At some point, Pedro took us kayaking. We did not see the pink porpoises, but did have a restful time on the river.  I managed to get sick, and was out of commission for a few days. I even had a house call! Imagine a house call in the middle of the jungle! Even ill, I did go on the medicine plant hike and visit another community where two volunteers have been working for 6 months. They will be leaving Monday. I wanted to visit with her before they left. This all sounds like a lot of recreation, but, in fact, I have filled 2 spiral notebooks with information I have gathered so far! In between all of this, and even when I was laying low for a few days, I was typing my notes into the computer. I have a wonderful room, complete with netting and hammock, comfortable bed, and warm shower (when the sun shines). The staff have been very kind to me, and put up with my attempts at speaking Spanish. That is a quick catch up. I stayed in tonight to catch up and rest. I have been keeping in touch with Bill via Skype. Nice to have “video phone”! Tomorrow morning will be a bird watching boat trip at 6:30, then interviews and writing.  

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