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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exciting day!

Today started out at 6:30 with bird watching by traveling via boat along the river. The best part was getting a really good look at two pink river dolphins. Works cannot describe how they appeared in the early light as the barely broke the surface of the water. We saw many birds, Too. Even a monkey, which are very difficult to spot in the foliage high in the trees. The jungle is... well, a jungle. After breakfast, Jessica (English Teacher) and I took the short self guided tour. She spotted a poison dart frog, it had a red head. Unfortunately, I cannot post photos as it takes too long to up load from here. Imagine even having internet in the Amazon forest! After lunch, and a nap, we went visiting. We stopped in one community for a brief stop, then on up river to the community where the volunteers are leaving tomorrow. There was a nice celebration for them, and were honored in going. I did manage to slide on my bottom on the slippery bank, so tonight is was night.  After a tasty supper, of traditional style food, there is a staff party for the cook that is leaving tomorrow. I will sleep well tonight!

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