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Friday, February 11, 2011

Feb. 10 Moving Day

Last night I began sorting my clothes and figuring out how to pack the handicrafts I had purchased. It is a good thing I did. This morning at breakfasts I was told I needed to move my stuff to Jessica's room. There is a large group coming and all of the beds are needed, but the room is needed for the 13th. So I was caught by surprise. It took about an hour to pack everything. Housekeeping and maintenance needed a fews days to get the room ready. I barely settled in before it was time to leave for a trip to a community. This trip was a hike, lunch in the forest, and then a boat ride to the community. This visit gave me a lot of new information. We were lucky in that it did not start to rain until we were in the host's house. It rained very hard the entire time of the visit. Some of the children enjoy playing in the downpour, but most people were under shelter. As soon as it stopped, the children cut some sugar cane from the garden with a machete. Back at the kitchen area, a small boy, maybe 2, used the machete to coop off pieces of sugar cane to eat. They learn young and are quite skillful!I sat on the boat with Claudia, from Bavaria. She was a wonderful traveling companion. We returned to the lodge late afternoon. Dinner last night was yuca soup, but later the chef treated us to fruit, yuca empanadas and poached pears. Makes up for all of the rice and eggs! we saw a white caiman on the hike, in a duck weed covered lagoon. All that was visable were the top of the head, snouts and eyes. Jorge, the Achuar guide, spotted a horned screamer in a tree. It is a turkey sized bird, but is not eaten by the Achuar. I ended the day by going to the story telling around the campfire.

Feb. 11
Today is operations day, guests leave and new ones arrive. I slept well last night. Jessica had warned be about the night creatures, but I was tired, only heard a bat swooping. But we do have mosquito nets. I have been able to write up some of my notes, but it seems that our mattresses are needed for the big group, so my accomodations (work area) are in flux. All of the staff, including the manager, have moved out of their rooms. Writting will be difficult, but I am still asking lots of questions. Tonight, if all goes well, I will record a song. Meanwhile, the guests are trying out the blow gun and getting their faces painted while they wait. Jessica leaves to day for R and R in Banos. She will be eating her way through vacation, trying out the local cafes! I could not go because I could not get the needed transfer on the 18th from there. So that gives me another week to work, which I will make good use of. 

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