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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Feb 8

Today I have an interview with Antonio at 1:30 and Simon at 2. I spent the morning talking with Remegio, the bartender. Between his English and my Spanish We were ale to communicate. He gave me an Achuar name! Nunkui nuwa, mother earth. Since my vision was of the rainforest and he sees me taking photograph of birds often, he felt this was a suiting name. I have been trying to buy a Tunta for Bill. One was supposed to be waiting for me at Wachirpas, but a tourist bought it before my visit! Same for the piranha jaw necklaces I wanted for the kids. So I was at the bar asking question and he said he had a Tunta. It was even better because I could charge it and save my dwindling cash supply. He had one necklace, too. I also purchased some ceramics that were made in Kusutkau. When we go as guests, they do not offer handicrafts, only to the tourists. I have been able to get some things when tagging along with the tourists, but I had certain things in mine. So now I have made known my “shopping list”. I have been far too busy with my research to think about personal things, but now that I will only be here for another week or so, I have to try. We will see. I have packed all of the items because I have to vacate “my” room on the 13th. There will be full house here, 50+ people. None of the staff will have their beds. We will camp somewhere! Then I get my room back until I leave. Remegio. He is from Puanchir. I have not visited his community, it is too far away. I have visited Kusutkau, Naparak, Wayusentsa, Wachirpas, and Kapawi. They are all within a few hours by boat. It started raining, one of the hard, 2 hour rains, just before it was time to walk to the schoolroom for the meeting with Simon. It probably took about 10 minutes. I heard a loud crack and found a piece of broken branch across the path. The path is raised, made of sections of poles. The water was over the top in some places. At the quartel, the ball field was also under water, and the trenches along the edges were running full, down to the river.  I could not have been much wetter if I had jumped in the river. I do not know how long it will take in this humidity to get my hiking shoes dry… But was not cold, and my clothes dried fairly fast, even while I had them on. Walking from the main lodge area to the schoolroom for the meeting with Simon. Simon talked about fishing techniques. He had been making fishing rods while he was waiting for Stephanie and me to arrive. He wanted to know why I was asking questions about the Achuar. He likes the idea and is going to give a fishing road as a gift. By the end of class it had stopped raining and the rainwater had already all soaked in or run off. We had a treat for lunch today, some zucchini. First vegetable we have seen for a long time! But dinner was scrambled egg and green banana hash, again. The evening was spent typing up the information for the two interviews. 

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