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Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Status

I have completed the draft, so now have to time to update my blog! It has been over a year since I returned from my 7 week stay with the Achuar. I have been writing every since. The project that I have been working on since 2008 is a book about the Achuar culture. During my visit, I interviewed and observed and wrote and experienced all that I could relating the the Achuar. My Achuar friends allowed me to come into their world, opening their homes and hearts to me. The intent of this book, sanctioned by the tribe, is to provide tourists visiting Kapawi with an overview of the Achuar culture. It is hoped that those visiting the Achuar will carry back with them an appreciation and better understanding of the Achuar way of life. Further, this book will serve as a resource for volunteers and Ecuadorian naturalists working with the Achuar, and may even be used in the Achuar community schools. Additionally, all of the revenue generated by this book will go directly to the Achuar. This resource will help the Achuar bring English teachers into their communities.
So, with that introduction, what does it take to write a book of this kind? First is perseverance. I spent almost 2 years trying to find someone interested in my idea to write a book about the Achuar. That someone was on staff at Kapawi headquarters in Quito. My contact was Pedro Armendáriz. I was asked to submit a proposal. After the proposal was accepted, I started doing book research and planning my on-site research.

I will start the next post there.

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